#LowCost #IAG airline LEVEL

I truly have crossed thoughts over this new AIG Venture low cost airline LEVEL. As we all know, British Airways (IAG Premium and national British airline business label) is not doing the best this last few years under Alex Cruz control. The service and product quality has been dropping as a rock and now the just announced less leg room for short haul flights, actually less than #EasyJet. Absolutely not a good thing.

To start a new low cost airline is to set up a new aviation era, just uncovering something I’ve been worrying since years ago, -Premium aviation is dying and decreasing-.

Level will cover new routes to South America, an emerging market which has been increasing traffic in a considerably scale to Europe and other Asia destinations, but also will connect major hubs like Barcelona with Oakland, USA, leading into a new low cost routes war with Norwegian air.

Lets see how it goes.


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